Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Megan Ostler!!! Thats right! I got married to the love of my life, Nick Ostler! It has been such an amazing journey getting to find this wonderful man that I can call my husband. He has been a great example and he treats me so well. My entire family was able to come out for the wedding and I was so surprised when my sister's Aubrey and Laura showed up and announced that they are both pregnant! (Aubrey showed more with her stomach than words!) And I was so excited that my 3 best friends came and shared that amazing day with me! And Nick's family were able to come out as well! I was able to meet some family members that I hadn't met before. We had a fun dinner at The Pizza Pie Cafe in Provo eating and mingling and reminsing! That night I went up to Salt Lake and stayed in a hotel with my bestie Whit and my parents stayed next door. I hardly slept that night I was nervous but excited at the same time. That morning I woke up to get ready for my makeup and hair dressers. They were 45 minutes late and I had a little bit of panic going through my mind but they came and it all turned out ok. Then Nick was late to the temple, that didn't help my stress for that morning but all turned out ok, he came and he looked so handsome! My escort was Pres. Hinckley's daughter, Virgina Pierce, what a wonderful woman she was and helped keep me clam. The ceremony was so special, I am so blessed that I could have my family there and that I got to be sealed to my sweetie for time and eternity and that our friends got to be there as well. Then the rest of the day was just pictures, going to lunch, more pictures, walking around in awe that I was married!!! Here are some pics fromt the day!
All in all, it has been the best day of my life! And my life continues to build off of that day! I love my life, my family, my husband!

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